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Got Knockers started after the owner/creator Gwendolyn Purcell had a bigfoot sighting in February of 2021. She began researching and investigating the cryptid ever since. In September of 2021, on a BFRO research investigation, Got Knockers was born.

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the got knockers team:


Creator/Owner of Got Knockers, Investigator, Researcher of ALL things Cryptid, UFO and unexplained.  Website and content creator. Speaker and merchandiser.


Partner/Husband of the owner.  Plays a major role portraying Bigfoot at conferences and supports sales at all our vendor events. Mike also investigates and researches ALL things cryptid, UFO and unexplained.


check out all the events that you can catch us at:




South Carolina Bigfoot festival

Philadelphia, PA


Show some love to these two guys.  They are not only our biggest supporters but have become my Bigfoot brothers.  We are in constant contact with each other and support each other no matter what!!!  Make sure to click on their photos to visit their links:

Author,ECBRO founder and Wildlife Researcher, Event Speaker, Va Bigfoot Conference Organizer, appeared on "Hometown Haunts" on the ParaFlixx Paranormal channel. 



Owner/ CEO SossSquatch, Cook Cryptid Research Founder, appeared on "These Woods Are Haunted" on the Travel Channel.  Event Speaker.


SossSquatch Founder

podcasts and documentaries:

Make sure to check out our podcasts on the CARC Universal YouTube Channel.  While your there, check out all the great shows from our Brothers at CARC (Catskill Appalachian Research Collective).

Visit our YouTube Channel and catch up on all the shows you may have missed.  Remember to subscribe to our channel while you there so you don't miss any upcoming shows!

CARC Universal 

YouTube Channel

Watch the Trailer for the upcoming episode ..

Devils Road


Watch Episode 1 of the Devils Road Series..

Devils Road

Sugar Run Howls

Got Knocker's friends:


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